Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Well, it's before 8am on Christmas morning and the tree is all done!  Kyle was up only a couple of minutes after 6am this morning and was ready to get going.  We had him climb in bed with us, but it only lasted a few minutes before we went to go wake up Nathan and check out what was under the tree.

We always do stockings first - just like we did when I was a kid!  And then it was on to the ton of presents under the tree!  This year, we did get the kids a little more than most years and that was partly because we could and partly because of their age.  We decided that maybe if we invested in a little that we could get something that would last them quite a while...

Yes, this is it - a Wii!  Kyle was over the moon and I'm not sure Nathan totally gets it, but he will once it's hooked up and he can play it.  I also got George...

so Daddy can play too! 
He'll just have to fight off the kids once the guitar comes out!

I got a new Canada zip up sweatshirt and awesome goodies from the Body Shop in both my fav, vanilla, as well as the Christmas cranberry!  I had also been asking for a new pillow and got that, so I'm thinking I should go have a nap and try it out! 

George is busy putting together an art easel that Nathan got from Nana and Grandpa and it has a surprising number of pieces!  hee hee  We sure know that it'll be well used in this house though with that crafty boy!

I'm doing the turkey sausages right now and the apple-raisin strata that George made last night is ready for the maple syrup to go on top!  Looking forward to a nice breakfast while the kids try out all their toys and then I need to get my candied sweet potatoes done for dinner tonight at my aunt and uncle's.  There are apparently going to be more than 30 of us for dinner tonight, so it should be fun!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


PS  Got sidetracked!  It's now much later than when I started and we've had breakfast, made phone calls and we're watching the Disney Christmas parade!  Better go make my sweet potatoes!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.