Monday, May 03, 2010

A Froggie Card

I was playing with another Scrapdango challenge and pulled out these great stickers by Penny Black for a quick and easy card!  No colouring required!  I love this Imaginisce Lucy Bird paper (scroll down on link) and that lovely ribbon!

For anyone local, keep yours eyes out for another class using these fabulous stickers!  I think I might have something up my sleeve!

Not too much going on around here today - lots of little things!  Kyle went to school and then I was on duty at preschool this morning, so that was half the day gone.  Nathan and I came home for lunch and then I wanted a new top to wear for the Mother's Day Tea at preschool on Wednesday morning, so the two of us went and did a quick shop.  It was easy because I'd seen a top I thought would work and it did!  We went to The Marble Slab Creamery for an ice cream treat since he was so good.  Then it was home for bit and some chores done before we walked up to get Kyle from school.

The boys wanted to play for a while so we hung out and played.  I didn't see it, but Nathan and a friend of Kyle's managed to fall somehow and Nathan was complaining about his leg hurting.  He seemed fine after a couple of minutes and was off playing again.  As we were walking home, I thought I saw a bump and red on his head...  sure enough!  He has a scratch (big, red one) and a goose egg, but never said a word about his head hurting!  I checked it again when we came home and I gave him some Advil and put some ice on it and he's fine!  Just keep an eye on him...

This is what we'll be doing tonight...  watching the Canucks play!  Can't wait for this game to start!  It seems like so long to wait between games and I'm not expecting it's going to be a 5-1 blowout for us like the last game!  Bring it on!

Better go run and start dinner and get some more chores done before the game starts!

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Janet said...

That card is soo gorgeous! You just gotta love cute stickers like that!