Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Wow!  What a weekend this has been - very celebratory!  Went out Friday night with George and had a great time other than the fact that my Canucks lost.  After we picked the boys up at Tracy and Brian's, we came home and had cake and they gave me my present...

Yesterday, I had to get up at a reasonable time and was off to work for the day, but had plans with my friends, Jill and Jacquie, for the evening.  We all have birthdays within a couple of weeks, so it was a good excuse to celebrate!  They spoiled me with a gift card for the store I work in and got me dinner as well!  They had to embarrass me by getting the staff to sing Happy Birthday and added the "40" in there as well!  We had a fabulous night!

Today is, of course, Mother's day, so I slept until about 8am and then we got up and ready and headed out for breakfast.  By the time we got there it was really brunch anyway since it was about 9:45!  We tried one place that was too busy and then tried Denny's and only waited 5 minutes - perfect!  We went and got something for our mums after that and I had one more card to make as well.  I used the new October Afternoon papers that I just got yesterday to do the card for my mum!

And the two that I'm lucky enough to be called Mummy by...

And a very special extra HUGE thank you to the wonderful woman that I'm proud to call my mum!  I can't even begin to put into words how special you are or what you mean to me...  You're a very special woman!  I love you more than words can say!

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Mothers I know...  And an extra special shout out to my mum, MIL, sister (Tracy - in the picture above) and my wonderful grandmothers as well...  Enjoy your day and hope it's special!

We're going out for dinner tonight and might try and catch some of the game as well before we're headed off to see The Eagles tonight!!  Yeah!!

Have a wonderful Sunday,


cArLa said...

happy mother's day colleen! sounds like your b-day went pretty well. happy b-day to you too! (btw, the card pix will be up tomorrow)
xo, carla

Melissa said...

love the mother's day card! so beautiful! the paper is such a cute choice!

JulieHRR (Her Royal Rubberness) said...

COLLEEN!!! Where did you ladies take tea up there in BC? There's a lovely place in Seattle--I haven't been for years, tho. But, I would love to know where to go up in your neck of the woods! :) *hugs*