Thursday, September 01, 2011

Happy September!

also known as "what happened to the summer?"!!  OK, seriously, I don't know how it is that it's time for thinking about school again, but here we are.  And I haven't blogged all summer!

It's been a fun summer and one full of change and we're going to see more of that this month with Nathan starting Kindergarten and Kyle going into Grade 3!  Of course, I'm no longer looking after Matthew and Sophia (my niece and nephew) what with Sophia going to K as well at a school near their place.

Things that happened recently...
- Kyle had a wek of camp - sports and art
- trip to Oregon with 14 of us family (great time had by all!)
- had someone hit our truck and had it written off
- stopped watching Matthew and Sophia Aug 19th
- lots of visits with friends and trips to the park for the kids
- Kyle to the dentist and to ortho, but all's good thankfully for now anyway
- Nathan had an infection on his nose that didn't look great for a bit, but it's all gone
- a couple of birthday parties to go to as well as our annual family picnic
- we had all of George's family here for an end of summer bbq
- I went with friends to see another friend play (drums) at the Cobalt in Vancouver!
- the boys had a weekend sleepover at Nana and Grandpa's

And that was only this month!  So much fun and so many pictures!  Will try and post some soon along with some creative stuff as well!

PS I'm taking Shimelle's Learn Something New Every Day and I'm going to try blogging it too, so we'll see how that goes!

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Julie Ebersole said...

You mean you have been livin'?! ;) Good for you! That's how summer should be! :)