Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Creativity Lost

OK, so one of the other things that has gone by the wayside of late is my creativity. In the last couple of weeks, I have been missing it more and more and thinking about how to get back into it. I finally saw a sale on photo processing last weekend and ordered over 200 prints. My plan to to play with my Project Life again.

I have also been playing with another 30 day photo challenge for the past few days. Heidi Swapp has been a stalwart in the scrapbooking community, but is facing an incredibly difficult family situation, She is also trying to turn it into a way to celebrate and help other people do the same. Capture Life is a prompt and photo challenge I`m playing along with and you can watch the video above. You can find the prompts on both her Instagram and her Facebook page. If you want to add your pictures to Instagram or check out other people`s, you can check out #hscapturelife. 

These pictures (above and below) are the prompts and my pictures from the first couple of days.

This is today`s prompt and I haven`t figured out what I`m going to use for this one yet. The great thing is that she recommends looking through older pictures and using them as well as maybe taking some new ones. I have sort of done both so far though most of the pictures are at least recent.

Let me know if you`re doing this so that I can see what you`re up to as well! I`ll be posting some of my creative stuff hopefully soon once I get my picture order and have a little chance to play... Yeah!


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