Sunday, August 02, 2015

Happy August... already!

Well, here we are at the beginning of the 8th month of 2015 (and, yes, I do realize it's already the 2nd!) and time seems to keep rushing by. Sooooo many things have changed over the past while since I stopped blogging (more on that later) and I feel like it's time to get back to doing a better job of documenting our lives. I haven't been doing very much scrapbooking or Project Life either and got inspired again yesterday in that vein too, so let's hope this is a creative rebirth of sorts after being on hiatus.

As a result of my creative inspiration, I decided to go back and print off a bunch of pictures to do some Project Life stuff and I quickly realized that I haven't even been taking a lot of pictures lately - so not like me! I want to try and get some of our memories documented again as I know how wonderful it is to look back at my blog posts and remember all the little details I've forgotten.

Yesterday was a great day and it was all because of this guy: Dr. Scott Sampson! Yes, Dr. Scott is my uncle and he was doing a show on dinosaurs at Science World yesterday and invited Tracy and I and families to be there. This was the first time I'd seen him speak and it was so much fun to see how all the kids there reacted to him.

Of course, we also had a chance to walk around for a while and there's an exhibit there right now called Ultimate Dinosaurs. Amazing to see the size of all of these and just great to have the kids hanging out together too.

It was also Scouting's International Scarf Day, so Kyle and George wore their scarves!

After the show and our exploring in Science World, we met Uncle Scott and Auntie Toni and walked around to the Olympic Village to a restaurant so that we could catch up. Poor Matthew was running and jumping as usual and managed to wipe out and give himself a good scrape on the leg, but he did bounce back eventually. It was just great to catch up and and see them! It would be so great to have them closer, but we just have to enjoy the time we have when we do get to see them!

I ordered almost 200 photos for printing last night, so hopefully that will lead to some creative stuff too! Have to wait a week or so to get them, but they were on for 9 cents a print, so I won't complain! I can work on getting something organized in my crafting space, but that's another story for another day.

Have had a quiet morning with my coffee and might even go and have another cup. George is still sleeping, but the boys are up and watching an episode of American Ninja Warrior! Not too many plans for the day really. Need to go water plants where the boys go for daycare since they agreed to do that. The weather is supposed to be warm again today (about 30-31 degrees), so we may not get up to too much other than a few chores. I want to go to King of Floors too, but will write more about that later too!

Have a fabulous day!


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