Monday, December 03, 2007

Crazy December!

OK, so we have officially had the weirdest weather in the last 2 or 3 days that I can remember!! I worked until midnight on Friday night and as I was coming home, it was just starting to snow. There was some in the morning, but nothing crazy, so mum, Tracy and I still went downtown for our tea. There was more snow when we got home and it continued all day. I wasn't sure about going to George's Christmas party, but he was fine about driving in the snow and wasn't worried about it snowing more and it sure did!

We came out of the party about 11:30 and George has to really scrape all the snow off the car again. It was a very slow drive home, but thankfully the hill up to our place had been well salted. It snowed like crazy over night - all night! When I woke up to get ready to go to work, they said it was supposed to start raining and I thought it might be OK to go to work. I really want to go to our staff Christmas party after work as well. The more it snowed, the more the weather forecast changed to snow and the worse the roads got. I finally decided that the roads just weren't going to be good enough and Pauline thankfully covered for me. I, sadly, missed our staff dinner though!

Anyway, back to the weather... The snow kept coming all day here and the later it got, the more the wind picked up too. The roads got worse all day. The rain they were calling for didn't start here until about 7ish. Now, since then, the rain has been on and off torrential!! I woke up at 4am because of the rain and the wind gusts have been on and off as well. Right now I can really hear it coming down and blowing out there. A lot of people have been without power in different place today as well because of it!

The rain has been good and bad. It's good because all that snow we got is GONE! Nathan was quite disappointed the snowman that they built yesterday was melting. The bad thing about all the rain has been the huge puddles, or should I say lakes, and the flooding! It's completely crazy out there! They're calling for more rain tomorrow and then sunny breaks Wednesday - who knows!!

Well, I did a card for a challenge tonight, but I can't post it yet, so when they're all posted, I put it up! Better get off to bed since I got my second wind, but I'll be tired in the morning!



Sarah C. said...

Glad you all are dry & safe! The pictures of the snow are lovely. Sorry you missed your party.

oceans5 said...

WOW! That is a lot of snow. Adorable snowman. :)

Darlene said...

Omigosh that is a lot of least it is gone for now, hope the rain stops soon.

Can't wait to see the card!

Marie said...

Wow!! look at all that snow!!! You got some great pics and that snowman is sooo cute!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

that's a lot of snow - but it always looks so pretty!

jill said... much snow! looks like fun. we're still waiting for our first snowfall in Ohio.

toners said...

Definitely strange for the snow to disappear that quickly! I'm sure there will be more :)

Molly said...

So glad that you are all safe! And that is a ton of snow! Wow, wish we could just have a smidge of that here in Hawaii! :D

Shirley Fyfe said...

Great photos, especially as we have experienced summer thunderstorms here in Australia! Great snowman too!