Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hard to Believe!

Wow! It really is hard to believe, but today was the day I had to register Kyle for Kindergarten. I really couldn't have imagined this day coming and for some reason, I was the one that was nervous!

I figured it might not be that much fun only because I needed to take the 3 kids with me. I put Nathan and Sophia in the stroller and packed snacks and off we went. By the time we got there, some people were already registering and I thought we'd be about the first people there. We all filed down to the school library and picked up a package of stuff to fill out. Of course, I ran into some other mums of kids going to preschool with Kyle and who'll be in the same school though not necessarily in the same class.

We had a long form to fill out and then had to stand in line. I was trying to keep the little ones in the stroller, but I eventually gave up and let Nathan out to play with the Lego they had in there for the kids. Sophia wanted "uppy", so I hung onto her. We waited and got up to the front and I had to apologize as she was asking me questions about things I'd forgotten to fill out on the form. The reality was I was so distracted trying to keep all the kids happy and get out of there as quickly as possible that I just plain missed some questions! After her checking the form and the documentation for our proof of residence (to show we're in that catchment area), we had to get in another line to see the Public Health nurse and for her to check immunizations. All was good though Kyle needs a booster shot before starting school in September.

The kids really weren't happy by the time we left and Nathan and Sophia were both crying. Of course, to make matter worse, I had to put them in the stroller to get everyone out of there in a decent amount of time. We went out to the playground at the school to play and run around for a while anyway and that was good until we had to go home for lunch!

I had taken the camera with me to the school and wanted to take pictures, but there was so much going on that I didn't get even one! I took a couple after Kyle got home from preschool so that at least we have some pictures from this momentous day. Kyle was being his usual silly self though and we have the funny grin in the first picture and then the grumpy face in the second. He makes me laugh!

Well, better think about getting to bed here I'd say as it's been a busy one. I did manage to watch the first episode of Big Brother tonight and it looks like it's going to be a good season!



Laurie said...

Oh ya Big Brother does look good!!!So excited for this season :-)

Aimeslee said...

lots of drama on big brother tonite. and i don't even watch it regularly, lol. sorry you didn't get more photos, but at least you got those two.

Lynn said...

Colleen, Kyle has gotten so big! Its almost hard to believe that he is going into Kindergarten soon.

I did not watch Big Brother. I think I was so exhausted I fell asleep watching the Westiminster Dog Show last night. oh well. I was actually hoping that there was a new House on but NO... 2 hrs of American Idol. Which I didn't watch either.

Jackie said...

Cute photos, big day for sure.