Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

It's been a busy morning around here as you can already see! The Easter Bunny wisely hid all the goodies he got inside since it's pouring outside! Too bad for everyone that's planned Easter Egg Hunts outside today since I know there are a couple of big local ones.

Kyle woke up at 5:30am and was just too excited to go back to sleep. He crawled in bed with us until we heard Nathan just after 6am and got everyone up then. Kyle was sure there was something in his room because that was where the Easter Bunny left his stuff last year! We had trouble getting him out of there to look around!

We finally managed to get them both into the kitchen where the egg finding really began! They each had a little bucket and Kyle was really good about showing Nathan where things were and even putting some eggs in Nathan's basket. There was an egg with their initial on it that had a twoonie in it as well as finding some chocolate goodies under the computer desk.

The first picture was the plate of goodies that Kyle and Nathan left for the Easter Bunny last night. It had a carrot, lettuce and some Cheerios on it. Kyle went out to check it this morning and some of the food was gone and there were eggs on the plate! Fun!

Well, we're not doing too much else this morning other than hanging out. We're hoping Nathan is going to go for an early nap after being up early because have dinner in Mission at 3pm - during his usual naptime! We'll see how all that goes. We got the easy part this year though because we only have to take dinner rolls! No cooking for me!

Well, better run for now, but I'll try and get back soon to do a general catch-up! Here's wishing everyone a very Happy Easter!


Sarah C. said...

Colleen, looks like the boys had fun! Our Sunday school egg hunt was indoors too because of the cold. But still enjoyable. :)

Theresa said...

Awesome layout, love all the fun photos. Looks like the boys had a blast.