Friday, March 07, 2008

A Nana Visit, Sports Day and a Relaxing Day!

OK, so I haven't been the daily blogger that I was there for a while, but I'm here again with some new pictures. Yesterday was a busy one though I hadn't intended it to be. I was really looking forward to a visit from mum since her and dad were away on vacation and we hadn't seen them for a bit. Dad had a meeting in town, so he dropped her off on his way.

After mum got here, the kids, mum and I got ready and headed up to Tim Horton's for a walk and then a snack. We had a really nice time and the kids were quite good actually. I few Timbits and goldfish crackers did the trick. We made a quick grocery store stop on the way back too. Came home, got the little ones a proper lunch and got Kyle ready for his Sports Day!

It worked out really well with mum being here because it meant I could take him up and my plan was to go back early to see him get his medal at the end. Mum was saying that I might as well stay or go for a coffee or something since I was taking the bus and if I came home I'd only be here for about 45 minutes. I took Kyle up and almost immediately ended up helping! It was a crazy couple of hours with about 35 kids running around to different stations: an obstacle course, scooter boards, mini trampolines, basketball and a bean bag toss, and hockey. Afterwards, they all got a huge freezie as a snack (and, no, that wasn't a sticky mess!!) and there was an awards ceremony where all the kids got (edible) medals - see picture below!

After all of that, Kyle and I walked home and I got another visit with mum before dad came to pick her up. Kyle asked for pizza, so I thankfully didn't have to cook because George stopped and picked that up. Then, it was out to meet Tracy for a pedicure! I had a great time out with her doing that and now I have pretty red toenails!

Came home and watched Survivor and Celebrity Apprentice and called it a night. I'm still tired today though and wish I could've napped this afternoon, but hard to do when I don't have an alarm!

Today has been pretty mellow! We hung out and I got a few chores done around here. The kids were pretending to have naps in the hall and had their teddies and blankies out as well as some sofa pillows. They're so funny. Love the fake snoring!

I guess that's about it for now. Not much creative energy these days. Thinking about it a lot and not doing. Not sure what that's about! Hope that changes soon! Working 6-midnight tonight helping other people get ready to be creative!

Oh and check this out! Speaking of Tim Horton's above, they're doing the Roll Up The Rim contest right now and look what some places are now selling to help you out...

It's a RimRoller! Just in case rolling up that rim was to hard for you and you really needed a little help! Too funny! I have my own simple technique that takes 2 seconds...and has won me 3 coffees so far this year!


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ellen said...

i so know what you mean abou thinking about scrapping but not doing it! we are on the same page.

looks like you guys had a fun day! and your easter cards are cuuuute!