Thursday, July 02, 2009

Another warm one...

Well, it was another warm day here! Didn't have the most ambitious early morning, but I was definitely up in time for Sophia getting here. We had our breakfast and then got everyone ready and headed over to spend some time at Maria, Joseph and Sarah's place this morning! The kids had fun playing on the trampoline, the swing, the slide and just running around together. Maria kindly invited us to stay for lunch and then we headed back home for naptime.

I knew Nathan was tired, but was fighting it! I finally got him to lay down and he crashed! We had a big success this morning with the potty again though he surprised himself when he started going and stood up to watch, so you can imagine what happened! I was just happy he was willing to wear his underwear and had been trying all morning - never mind actually going too! Oh the things that you never imagined would be so important in your day!!

Kyle and Sophia spent some time in the new pool this afternoon as well. I can see that it's going to get more than it's fair share of use this summer if it's as dry and warm as they're predicting. Heard on the news last night that June was the warmest and driest since 1951!

I haven't been very good with posting scrappy stuff lately, so I'm going to post some stuff I've been working on. As you can see, this was done in May! It was also one of the Use It Challenges. The best part was that it has some scraps and some really old fibres on it as well! Gotta love scraps!

Well, think that's about it for now! I'm on a blogging roll here again now! lol Just watch me go!


Janet said...

Another beautiful card! You are rocking the cards lately!

Keely Yowler said...

Beautiful card, Colleen! Have a great weekend!