Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy Canada Day!!

Hope everyone had a very Happy Canada Day!!

We didn't go to the Amphitheatre in Cloverdale like we usually do. To be honest, I think that was our plan this morning when we got up, but George told Nathan he needed to pee in the potty first and when that never happened, the park didn't either!

We're in a bit of a test of wills here now with Nathan and the potty you see. Still trying not to make it too big a deal, but we've moved on to underwear during the daytime and that means some accidents. The frustrating thing is that he'll be dry all night and then won't pee on the potty in the morning when we know he can!

Oh well, rather that going to the Canada Day thing today, we did mange to do a few other things. George needed to get some new work pants, so that got done. He'd also been looking for a pool or some kind for the kids in the warm weather and he picked one of those up today too! Then, this afternoon, Kyle and I got to go and do something fun...

We went and saw the movie "Up"! Kyle has only ever been to one movie in the theatre and that was when George took him to see Wall-E and it was a first for me with him. He still doesn't like some of the loud commercials and stuff and the beginning, but we both enjoyed the movie. I think some of the message was more directed at adults than kids, but he laughed a lot, so all was good!

We came home and had dinner and then the kids played in the new pool and that was about the extent of our day! Another one gone quickly! So weird that it's the middle of the week too! I'm going to be messed up for days!

Here's to a fabulous July for everyone!


Sarah C. said...

Sounds like a good day! Up is on our list to see. Possibly this weekend assuming that Baby doesn't make his grand arrival. ;)

Nathalie said...

Can't wait to see it! Cathy Z. just wrote a post about it today :)