Thursday, June 03, 2010

Photo Booth Fun!

A couple of weeks ago, the 4 of us went to the mall on a Saturday.  Daddy got sucked into a trip to Build a Bear and the kids had a ton of fun.  We stopped for a quick lunch too and then got ready to head out.  As we were walking towards the exit closest to the car, I saw a photo booth and asked the boys if they wanted to try it.  Kyle wasn't interested, but Nathan was all over it and you can see what we got! 

I think this was the highlight of my day and what a great, funny little memory of Nathan at 4!


PS I have so much to post, but no time...  eventually!


Sabrina MacDonald said...

Sooo adorable. Great pics :)

cArLa said...

awww your lil man is such a cutie! don't you just love photo booth pix?

karen said...

You have inspired me to look out for a photo booth whilst out with someone in my family.It would make a great addition to my Project Life album.
Plus It's given me an idea for a "photo booth"for my upcoming party.