Monday, June 28, 2010

What a weekend!

OK, so the craziness was really Saturday, but the weekend went by in a blur!  I worked Friday night until late and then got up first thing Saturday morning to get the house ready for Kyle's 7th birthday party - Star Wars themed of course!

I had made invitations very quickly one day and used one of the great images at MagsGraphics that they so kindly shared!  Used the one with Darth Vadar and the cake!  If you need a quick Star Wars card for someone, this is the place to find a quick one to print off!

The kids started coming about 10:30am and played outside until everyone got there.  We were ready to get started, so they all came in to watch a video on the computer of the above.  It was "Darth Vadar" threatening to ruin the party by taking the cake and all the presents and goodies for the party.  After watching this, they had a puzzle to put together that told them to go up to the park.  We all headed off up there and then they had to try and shoot a starship!  I need to get some pictures of this from a friend because George created a catapult that we put plastic Easter eggs in to shoot at the "starship" - aka toy plane!  Once they had destroyed it, they had to dig under it and they found a rope that they pulled and followed to a note that told them to come back home to find everything for the party.

We came home and everyone had a snack and we played a Star Wars version of pin the tail on the donkey, but with trying to hit and blow up ships in space instead. George made lunch while we played and then it was lunch, cake and presents.  George made the 3 layer cake vanilla and chocolate!) to look like the body of R2-D2 and then we put the characters on the top as well. 

We got a special shooting torch candle thing for his cake and it was a hit!  W had one more little surprise up our sleeves and it was something we'd never done at a party for the kids before...

a pinata!!

I couldn't find a pinata in the shape of the Darth Vadar mask as everyone that should have had them seemed to be backstocked, but the woman at the party place suggested just getting a regular pinata and then cutting a mylar balloon around the outside and putting the 2 pieces on either side of the pinata.  It worked perfectly!  And I'm very happy to say that the kids were great about it both in terms of safety and with sharing what was in it.  It went so well that I definitely do it again!

It really was a lot of fun and Kyle was spoiled by all his friends.  There were a lot of Star Wars presents for sure as well as a soccer ball (*which is great because he loves playing at school and it was a World Cup ball as well), a couple of Super Soakers, a new game, a craft book for boys and some Bakugan!  All the kids sure do seem to know Kyle well and that'll help keep us busy for part of the summer!

Last night, I whipped up some quick thank you cards using some Star Wars stickers from Creative Imaginations and a little cardstock.  Added a thank you stamp and let Kyle write them out this morning.  He was very proud to be giving them to his friends this morning and I'm glad he's learning the importance of a little thank you note as well!

All done for another year other than some presents and cake on his actual birthday (tomorrow) now... 

Worked yesterday and had a relaxing evening other than making Kyle's thank you cards.  Suddenly the weekend was over as quickly as it started!  Only today and an hour and a half tomorrow at school for Kyle and then he's done for Grade one as well!  Crazy to think about how quickly this year has gone!

Before I ifnish here, I just want to wish my parents a VERY Happy Anniversary today as well!  You're an amazing example of what marriage should be!  Love you both very much...


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