Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Working on Changes...

Well, I'm not sure why, but I wasn't quite ready to tell everyone what I've been working on, but I think now's the time.  I've been working on.... ME!  Yes, I finally went back to Weight Watchers in July and have since lost 33lbs.  I'm no where near close to being where I want to be, but I'm proud of the accomplishment and happier for it.  I have more energy and just feel good about making better choices for myself and being a better example for the boys. 

The top picture was Summer 2009 and the bottom one is early Sept., but I can see the change even there.  Can't wait to see more change and see myself in more pictures.  I made George a deal that when I lose 50lbs, the reward will be a family picture that I can feel better about!

Making good changes that I can live with... for life.  I'm getting daily exercise just with walking though I'm looking at maybe going to a gym just because it's getting dark so much earlier now.  Making better food choices and less of them!  No rocket science - just real life!

It's an interesting journey to be on though seemingly different from the last few times I've done it.  I feel ready this time...  Ready for change.  Enjoying the process too. 

Here's to making changes and feeling good about it!


Jules said...

Good on you, Colleen! What an inspiration. Go for that family photo!
Miss ya!

Alexis said...

Congrats Colleen. I'm proud of you and I'm sure your hubby and kids are proud of you too!! Keep up the excellent (hard) work!!

carole said...

You look at least 10 years younger!!

Good for you.

And best wishes for meeting your goal.

Joëlle said...

Way to go, Colleen! I'm proud of - and for - you, too! :) Looking forward to seeing that family picture! :)

Colleen said...

Thanks everyone! Appreciate the support! Not there yet, but getting there and it's an interesting journey.