Monday, October 25, 2010

Preschool Pumpkin Art!

What a day!  It has been so crazy here weather wise!  Windy and blustery to say the least.  Good news is that I still managed to get out for a walk even today. 

Was sort of a funny one with George being off and then me being on preschool duty (helping out), but without Nathan there!  He still hadn't been on antibiotics long enough for the bronchitis to come today, so I just took Sophia.  We had a fun morning and then I came home to the news that the meeting I was going to have in the afternoon was cancelled, so I wasn't exactly upset about that.

Puttered around here with the kids this afternoon while George went and did the groceries for the week!  I then went and got Kyle from school and dropped him off and kept going for my walk.  Planning on a fairly relaxing evening and some class prep for later in the week!

One of the things we did do this afternoon though was pumpkin art!  Nathan's preschool teachers were kind enough to not only let me bring home art for Nathan, but sent one for Kyle too!

This was what I spent part of the morning at the preschool doing - helping kids paint and make Jack O Lanterns, but with "sparkles" (aka glitter) of course!  Messy and fun!  Kyle had as much fun as Nathan!

Oh they're crazy!  And I love them to bits!

Hope everyone here is staying warm and dry!

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