Monday, November 01, 2010

A Happy Halloween!

Well, very happy to say that it didn't rain as forecast and the boys had a wonderful evening of trick or treating!  They were certainly excited about it!  The first thing I heard yesterday morning was "It's Halloween!!!" in a very loud voice.

I actually had to work though we were scheduled to close early because they knew it wouldn't be too busy later on.  I ended up going home a little earlier than scheduled since there were still 2 girls on and they didn't need me.  The boys stopped in as a surprise not too long after I'd been there with the hat in the above picture for me to wear at work.  The best part is that it has spider's webbing on it that blinks with red lights.  Kyle was determined to get a picture of me in the hat! 

Coming home early was nice because I got to come home and see the boys carving their pumpkins (as in the top picture).  OK, well they drew the faces and Daddy did the carving!  They had fun though and it's nice to be able to be home for those kinds of things.

I then went out for my walk while George got dinner ready.  By the time I got back, I had a quick dinner as the boys got ready and then we had friends meeting us here to start the night!  We were going to walk over to see another friend of Kyle's and then have them all leave from there.  We did some trick or treating on the way over partly because I didn't know how long the rain would hold off. 

After getting all the kids together, off we went on a long and windy walk through the neighbourhood!  There were lots of kids out and it was a lot of fun to go with some other people.  We walked around for a while with everyone and then headed back with the plan of doing some more trick or treating along the way.  When we got home, the boys decided they wanted Daddy to take them out a bit too, so they went along the other side of our street and down another block with him as well.  They ended up with an absurd amount of goodies and are lovin' that!

Nathan really had to have a bathroom break by the time he got home, so he whipped off his costume and that proved to be the end of pictures for me!  I got some of Kyle and my friend Maria got some of all the kids together that have him in them, so I will have some.  I should have known better than to wait...

Well, that's it for another year!  And now we're into another holidayalready as I saw the red holiday cups at Starbucks when I went tonight and they were getting out the Christmas decorations!  Crazy considering I don't even know where last month went!

Have a fabulous week everyone and I'm going to be trying to post daily this month again, so we'll see how we go!

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