Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Successful Day!

Well, it was nice to come home last night and know that I wasn't getting up for work in the morinng!  Now, that didn't mean I was sleeping in too late as I had my WW meeting to go to this morning, but that was the beginning of my successful day as I was down another 1.6lbs (same as last week) for a total of 44.4lbs lost.  The goal is to be down 50lbs by Christmas!  We'll see...  Not going to beat myself up if I don't get there, but that's the goal!

I came home and got some thing done here.  The house was quiet for a bit as George had taken the boys to get a haircut.  My plan was to relax and chill since the house was empty, but I couldn't for very long.  I enjoyed my Starbucks coffee (non fat latte with peppermint and white mocha flavouring - YUM!) and then puttered with laundry, cleaning the kitchen and sorting some things.  I'm sort of in purge mode again, but there aren't enough hours in a day!

I decided I'd better go check out a couple of places for tops again for George's Christmas party since it's only a couple of weeks away (early this year!).  I went and managed to actually find something I liked that didn't cost the earth.  Actually ran into Tracy shopping too, but she left before I found the top I got.  It sure wasn't what I was thinking of when I went, but I like it.  The description is "Lace shirred blouse with satin ribbon detail - Full of femininity! You'll love this all over lace blouse. Sheer and pretty, this button down short sleeve shirt with front satin ribbon and rushching detail is sure to be a hit this holiday."  It definitely needs a cami under it so I went and got one of those too and now I just need to have my pants altered and I'm in business!  Should be a nice evening out with the kids staying at mum and dad's that night.

This was what I came home to today after shopping!  Kyle was busy playing computer and the other 2 were having a good nap.  George was good enough to make dinner and then we went out for a bit of a drive.  A nice day for sure!!

Here's to a wonderful Sunday!

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