Monday, November 08, 2010

Fun Monday!

OK, the getting up part wasn't so much fun since both the boys were up a bit after 6am!  Kyle went in the living room and watched TV, but Nathan came and crawled in bed with us and rolled around (non-stop!).  I got up and tried to let George sleep since he was the one doing the field trip. 

We all eventually managed to get ourselves ready and headed out at the same time.  George took Nathan to the aquarium for their preschool field trip and I walked Kyle to school.  Brian took Sophia and Matthew as well and it sounds like they had a fun morning. 
I walked Kyle to school and then had the morning to myself!!  This almost NEVER happens, so  I was excited!  I started by getting my walk in early while I had the time.  I then decided to go over to Michael's to check out a couple of things I knew we didn't have at work.  Kristina Werner uses the Martha Stewart circle cutter a lot and it looks good, so I wanted that for sure.  The crazy thing is that I remebered her saying on one of her videos that she cut herself the first time she used it, so I was being careful (or so I thought), but I managed to cut not one, but two fingers!!  No worries as I'll live, but it sure as heck hurt! 

Other than that, I got some adhesive spray when I was out.  I watched Ali Edwards video this morning about her December Daily album and she used some acrylic with lace cardstock on it and I want to try it!  I have one sheet of lace cardstock and actually found a Christmas one on sale when I was out!  Can't wait to get some acrylic from work and try this.  Gathered some things together for this and my Journal Your Christmas Album which will be an all in one thing for sure!  Puttered around o the website there for a while this morning getting inspired too!  Want it to start today!

What else did I do today?  Hmmm... well, stopped for a coffee and treat on the way home from shopping.  Came home and enjoyed that while puttering online.  Went for my massage and then decided I wanted to play with my new toy (aka circle cutter) and make a card that I has seen Kristina Werner do last week as her Holiday Card #4.  My card is a total lift of hers with a few different supplies!  It was fun, but one of those ones you really don't want to make too many of as it was time consuming with the embossing of the snowflakes and sentiment.  The good news on this one was that I used scraps of old supplies!  Sure wish I had more of that red ribbon though... 

Had a nice dinner, need to put the boys in the bath and then I think I'll watch some Dancing with The Stars or something and call it an early night!

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