Monday, November 22, 2010

Crazy Cold Weather!

Wow!  Is it ever cold out there!  I was in and out today, and knew it was cold, but when you hear that it never even got out of the minus range today, you know it's cold! 

George was home this morning, so he walked Kyle to school, but I needed to go get him with the other kids.  I bundled everyone up well and put Matthew in the stroller with a blanket as well.  He complained on the way to school of being cold, but by the time we were coming home, he was crying.  He cried all the way home poor thing!  The worst part is that it's supposed to be even colder tomorrow, so I think I might have to break down and pack the kids in the van and drive Kyle to school even though it's only a couple of blocks.  They're saying it'll be -8 for the morning commute and a high of -5 for the day!!  Crazy!

I was on duty at preschool this morning and we had fun.  I stopped and got the kids lunch on the way home and then popped out quickly for a successful shopping trip before coming home so that George could run errands.  After our cold trip home, the kids were picked up, we had dinner and then all of us went out and did our weekly grocery shopping.  It was fun!  A quick stop on the way home for hot chocolate and coffees was in order and then it was all the usual bedtime stuff!  A night nice...

Better go do some class prep or just call it a night and get under the warm covers!  Maybe I'll have a hot bath and then call it a night!  Ahhh...warmth!

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