Friday, November 12, 2010

Something a little different...

Well, one of my friends/co-workers has also been doing WW and doing an amazing job.  She's been a real support and inspiration for me along the way.  It's been fun even going to some of our meetings together if I'm teaching on Saturdays.  I thought she deserved a little reminder of the amazing job she's done, so I'll be leaving this for her tonight at work and she'll get it in the morning.  (**Let's just hope she doesn't see this post before that!) 

The was done a while ago actually for a card sketch challenge and I just never got it posted so I'm afraid I couldn't tell you which one! I also used a new set of Taylored Expressions stamps that I just got so it was fun to play with them and I look forward to more of that since I have a lot of people in my life on this journey to a healthier self right now!  I posted about my latest update already and will be going again tomorrow!

Not much going on today thought it's been quite a good one!  We had a nice visit this morning with a friend and her daughter who also goes to preschool with Nathan and Sophia.  Nathan still has the cough, but it seems to be less often with the medication at least!  I'm just doing a bit of laundry and a few chores and then we'll need to go get Kyle after school.  I work tonight, but Fridays are always fun and it's nice being closed at 10:30pm now rather than 11:30 for sure!

Well, have a fabulous weekend everyone and stay warm!


Diana said...

I LOVE that scale, what an inspiring card. Just beautiful.

Debbi Tehrani said...

What a fun card! Your friend will be so happy getting it! That's so thoughtful!

Lesley said...

Very cute!