Thursday, November 25, 2010

More Snow!

Yes, this is what our deck currently looks like and, as you can see in the picture, the rain is still coming down!  I went to best just before 1am (up late working on last minute stuff for a new class!) and it was just starting then.  It wasn't too too bad when we got up, but it's been snowing all day and not getting any better.  The roads are really slick!  It's supossed to turn to rain at some point, but I'm thinkin' right now that it doesn't look like anytime soon.  Hmmm...  have to see about work tonight!

I know this is my first post in a couple of days.  I was doing so well with my daily blogging for NaBloMoPo, and then had a late night a couple of night ago and forgot until I was in bed and looked at the clock at 12:01am!  I probably would have even gotten up if it wasn't too late!  I'm like that!  It's been a couple of crazy days though and a crazy week generally to be honest. 

I had my regular day with the kids Tuesday and then had to run a couple of errands before heading off to our monthly PAC meeting.  It was sooooo cold outisde that we drove to take Kyle to school so that Matthew wouldn't cry all the way there and back, but that didn't stop the kids from wanting to play outside for a bit!

The PAC meeting was a late one because we were working on budget decisions, so I didn't even get home until about 9:45.  Finished some prep for my class on Wed night while I watched Glee and then called it a night.  Glee was really good and it was fun to see Carol Burnett on there! 

Yesterday morning at about 5:40am, George came in and told me he had to take the car to work because something was wrong with the truck.  Not that big a deal because we weren't going far anyway during the day, but we had to sort out the evening because I was teaching and George had to be at preschool with Nathan for Special Person's night.  They get to take someone to preschool for the evening with them that wouldn't normally get to go and it's sort of the Christmas kick-off at preschool.  They do crafts, sing, have a snack and read a special story.  The kids love it! 

Anyway, the problem was how to get us all where we needed to be.  George wanted the car, so he decided to take me to work.  He came home and got changed and then we headed out!  They dropped me off at work first and I even got there a little earlier than usual, which was nice because I had a full class of 18 last night!  George then dropped off Kyle at Tracy and Brian's on the way and then it was off to preschool for their special night.  Once they were done there, it was the whole thing in reverse.  The kids were up a little later than normal, but it turned out OK in the end and we all got where we needed to go!

This morning, of course, we woke up to a layer of white, so I decided that we were walking rather than me having to drive the van (which is not mine!).  It really has warmed up and Matthew was fine in the stroller all covered with his blankie and the plastic cover to keep him dry.  The kids had a fun walk and it was just nice to be out walking a bit to be honest.  I miss our daily walk when we drive like we have the last couple of days. 

I wasn't planning on taking the kids to preschool either, but Maria very kindly offered since she was going by here.  I'm thinking poor Kyle won't be going to karate either even though this is his last night to practice before his grading tomorrow night.  They're saying it should change to rain sometime later today/this evening, but it's a mess out there now until it does.  And, even then, the slush won't be fun either!  Yuck!  Me no likey the snow when I need to get somewhere!  I'm sorry, but the warmer weather and rain over the next couple of days will be welcome!

Well, this is a long one, so I'd better sign off there.  Will try and post some more cards/layouts soon!

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