Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another Page!

May Calendar page

Yeah, my little promise to myself!  I wanted to get working on the calendar for my in-laws again for Christmas.  They don't have internet (hard to believe I know!), so they won't see this and I'm safe posting the pages!  I managed to get the pictures printed a few days ago, so that was a good start.

With this one, I had originally done it with other pictures and then realized they were a year too old!  lol  The pages are from exactly a year previous, but when I first did this page, I had pictures of 2009 rather than 2010 on it!  I was thinking, "the year previous", but that means the pictures are this year since it's a 2011 calendar!!  These pictures don't look too bad on here anyway since the colours weren't too crazy.

And the best part is that I used scraps and bits for this!  Love using stash for sure.  I have a but of trouble with my calendar pages because they need to be a little flatter than a lot of stuff I normally use, but my in-laws love this gift and they don't care about the product!

As I mentioned in my post last night, we didn't have heat!  The guy was scheduled to come today from 3:30 to 5pm and I thought that was perfect because I could get Kyle from school first.  It would mean no karate for him, but we'd have heat!  At 2:30, there's a ding dong at the door and it's him!  I'm thinking "Ahhhhh.... have to get Kyle!", but he said he'd have a quick look and see if it could be done quickly.  Literally, about 15-20 minutes later, I was writing him a cheque for $190!  lol  Oh well, I quickly found out there's no price that I wouldn't pay for heat!  And George paid anyway!!

So, we're madly getting ready for karate, so I'd better get going here.  Hope everyone had a wonderful Tuesday and here's to a great night!


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