Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Productive Morning!

Well, it's not the nicest day outside by any means, so we're just kind of hangin' at home today.  We walked Kyle to school as usual this morning, but it was certainly colder than I expected since it hasn't been bad lately. 

Anyway, since coming home I've been working on chores amongst other things.  Got laundry on, dishwasher running and kitchen cleaned up.  Would like to get things in the living room picked up and my scrap table cleaned off too, but we'll see how that goes. 

The other HUGE thing I did this morning was get back to work on a project that needs some attention. Ages ago, I posted about how I needed to get the above calendar started and worked on early for my in-laws for Christmas so that I didn't have to do it at the last minute again.  Did a couple of pages and then it got left..  I went through pictures this morning and chose what I'm going to use (up to and including this month!) and have sent them off for developing.  Oh the joy of doing it online!  Once I get the pictures, I'll be working on that this month with the goal of getting everything but the December page done which will be their annual Santa picture!  Wish me luck and feel free to ask about it if you don't see any more pages in the next week!  lol

So, let's hope the rest of the day is as productive!  Need to obviously get Kyle later and he has karate today as well.  It's his only class this week since Thursday is Remembrance Day and the karate academy is closed.  Looks like he'll have his first grading at the end of the month too!  Exciting! 

I'd like to do a couple of cards this afternoon too, but I can't even see my table right now!  Need to work on that as well... 

Have a fabulous afternoon and evening!  Oh, it's Glee night too!  Yeah!  Better go check and see if it's a new one or not...  IT IS!!!  Yes, I'm a Gleek and OK with that!

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Claire said...

Thanks for coming by my blog! Fantastic LOs and good luck with JYC, and hope you enjoyed Glee (I'm a Gleek too!)