Saturday, November 20, 2010

Crazy Day!

Wow!  Here it is after 11pm and I left the house this morning at about 8:30am!  I had an awful drive home last night after work because of the snow and was worried what I'd wake up to this morning since I was teaching today.  George got called in to work doing snow removal at 4am this morning and I was, of course teaching at 10:30! 

The boys got up and ready with me this morning.  We headed out to my WW meeting this morning (down a total of 49lbs now!) and then it was out to work.  I was thankful the roads were good this morning!  The plan was for them to come with me and George would get them there since he could work a little longer if he did that.  We stopped at Stabucks on the way out for hot chocolates and a coffee for me.  They were so good this morning that I got them a doughnut to share too.  I started getting ready for class and George was there a little after 10, so it all worked out well. 

I taught my two classes and then the plan was for all of us staff to crop together at work which we manage to do a couple of times a year.  I was done a little before 5pm after my clean-up after teaching my 2 classes, so since it wasn't busy, one of my co-workers clocked out a little early and we went shopping!  Went to Children's Place and got some great stuff for the boys and a gift for Sophia for Christmas.  Pauline and I stopped at Red Robin to relax and have a cold drink and then went back to work.

It was a really fun night and there was lots of laughter for sure!  I managed to prep most of my Wednesday night Frosty Fun class.  I wanted to do something I didn't have to think about since I can chat then too and since it had to be done anyway, it was perfect!  A Starbucks run was a nice was to end the evening before we all packed up and headed home.  The only thing is that I'm back again first thing in the morning, so I'd better go get some sleep!

I laughed when I came home and saw the snow in our yard as compared to the neighbour who doesn't have kids.  Hers yeard all pristinely covered with driven snow and ours looks like 2 little boys were out playing in it all day - churned up and played in!
Enjoy your Sunday!

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