Thursday, November 17, 2011

Random Thursday!

OK, so I actually have 5 minutes (literally) to blog before I have to go get the kids, but it's been a great day!  Got the kids off to school, some work done and then went for a walk and even got something accomplished while doing that!

OK, so I was reading blogs for a few minutes and came across a post on Creative Organizing that really spoke to me.  It was a little project, but something doable and worth the time!  She talked about creating an area for all your Christmas card stuff so that it was together when you had time to get some sent.  I walked up to the dollar store and found a cheap box (*after looking at home and not finding one!) and then came home and organized!  It was great!  Got all my cards together and foing out I had more than I thought and then pulled my enveloped, addresses, labels, pens, stamps, etc all together so that if I only have a few minutes at a time, it'll still be easy to do!  Also finally set off the boys' school pics to get developed so they'll go in this box too to be sent to people in cards!  Awesome!

Another nagging thing on my list has been putting up more pictures.  I take all these great pics of the boys, but haven't been putting any up around the house.  We have a couple of picture walls and I finally for a picture from the first day of school blown up since I thought it was cute, but it's been sitting on the counter for ages.  Didn't have a frame and didn't want to spend a lot, so I decided to get a $2 frame at the dollar store when I was there and it's now up on the wall! 

Proud of myself for just getting it done!  One more thing to cross of my list and now I can actually enjoy the picture too!

Well, better go get the boys.  Weather has been quite cold and now it's raining.  Just hope it stays rain and nothing else.  Had our first taste of some sort of mixed stuff yesterday!  I'm teaching tonight, so I'm hoping the roads stay OK!

Have a great night everyone!

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Maria said...

That photo of the boys is awesome. Love it!