Sunday, March 19, 2006

Wearable Collection

I've collected a lot of different things - stamps, dolls, shot glasses, etc. What I collect now are charms for my Italian charm bracelet! I love it!

I was actually in a mad panic a couple of weeks ago when I thought I lost it. I got a new charm on it with a blue "K" for Kyle and I could only get the charm half on, so I knew I had to take in in to the place I got the charm for her to put it on. It was in my purse when we were out for dinner and I too kit out to show Kyle. After dinner, we went to the mall to pick up our family pictures and I was going to get my bracelet fixed. I got to the jewelry place and it wasn't in my purse. I was in a mad panic! All the charms had been gifts and represented different things in my life. I was horrified to think it was gone. We went back to the car planning on going back to the restaurant to see if it was there, but I very thankfully found it on the floor of the car. My purse must have tipped over and I didn't notice it fall out when I picked it up. Happy! Happy! I went back in the mall and had her fix it right away so that I could put it on again!

I've also found that it's a great conversation piece because people ask about the charms. Tracy originally bought mine for me as a thank you for helping with their wedding and I like mine so much that I got one for both her, mum and another friend. The charms make great gifts!



Michelle W. said...

that's so neat! Love how those are like little scrapbook pages where you wear and each piece brings back memories of where it came from, etc.


BonnieRose said...

love it.. my daughters so love these too... I may just have to get one for me!