Friday, March 10, 2006

What a day...

Well, here it is not even 6:30am yet and I'm sitting here with my coffee. I never manage to get here at this time of the day, but it's not your typical day!

First, the weather is crazy! We had snow yesterday and then by midday, it seemed to be pretty much gone or at least slushy. Mother Nature wasn't finished though because we got another dump of snow last night and then it's snowing again this morning. I'm hoping to be able to take Kyle out for a bit later since mum and dad got him snow pants and George's parents got him boots. The only thing is that we haven't had snow since he got them! The same thing happened last year when mum and dad got him snow pants. Dad jokingly said he would buy Kyle snow pants every year if it meant we wouldn't get snow!

Kyle was up early this morning - just after 5:30am! He's in the living room having some milk and toast with peanut butter and jam while watching Sesame Street. Quite happy that today's number is the number 10! He keeps telling me every time they mention it!

Nathan is surprisingly sleeping. He woke up about 5am (so I've been up since then) and George changed him and brought him to bed with me and I nursed him in bed and he fell asleep again. He hasn't barley flinched since. I keep going in and checking because he's so quiet and he's usually up at this time of the morning. He may sleep more today though because he had his first 4 shots yesterday. Between the shots and the Tylenol, he may be a bit groggy today.

I've already managed to get the kitchen pretty much clean and make coffee. Quite happy the kitchen is better. It's the one place in the house that drives me crazy if it isn't clean. The island in particular has a way of becoming a magnet for things if you're not on top of it. One of my little pet peeves I guess - the island needs to be clean!

I'm hoping to get a few other things done around here today since it looks like we'll be home for the day. Nathan's birth announcement cards with our new pictures from Sears in them are at the top of the list! Mostly just some picking up and laundry other than that. With any luck, the kids'll sleep at the same time and I might get to scrapbook for a little bit. Well, either that or have a nap!

Well, think I'll go sit with Kyle for a bit and watch Sesame Street! Oh, the things I couldn't imagine myself doing a few years ago! Wouldn't trade it for the world!


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