Tuesday, March 14, 2006

What a difference a shower makes!

I started off the day in rather rough shape. I was most certainly tired (though when am I not these days!). I really had no energy nor ambition to do anything. The fact that Nathan woke up screaming didn't help I don't think. Then, I got up to see that it was raining too.

Kyle surprisingly wasn't up when George left, so he came in and said goodbye to me. Nathan started crying about 2 seconds after George left, so I got up and fed him. Kyle got up about a half hour later. I got him something to eat and turned on Treehouse. I was surprised that Nathan went to sleep again. I had a cup of coffee and decided that it was as good a time as any to have a shower.

Wow! What a change. I felt so much better afterwards that I got ready to go out. I called Gina and Tracy to see if they wanted to do anything since they're both off now what with being due anytime. They were actually both wrapping up work related stuff today, so I had to figure out something else. I didn't really want to go shopping and spend money, so I just decided to go up to our little local mall and grab a couple of things at Save-On and maybe have a wander around.

I got all of us ready and piled us into the car. It was starting to clear up though it was still raining lightly. We went into Save-On and got a couple of things. Kyle is just so darn cute and seems to charm the pants off someone every time we're in there. Today it was the female "greeter" at the front of the store. When we were leaving, she was talking to someone and he kept saying bye, but she didn't hear him. I told him he could go up to her and say goodbye if he wanted, so that's exactly what he did. She melted! She told me it reminded her of when her son was little and how she missed that time. He is pretty darn cute I must say myself.

After that, we headed over to Tim Horton's. Kyle got a muffin (which he asked for himself) and juice. I got my bagel and a coffee and we sat down there since Nathan was sleeping anyway. Kyle and I had a really good "chat". We were sitting near the window by the cars in line for drive through. He kept looking at the people in the cars saying "Hi! Me Kyle!". I couldn't help but laugh and then tried to explain to him that they couldn't hear him.

We decided to make one more stop at the dollar store. I know mum used to go in there all the time with him just for something to do as well. We wandered around and I found a toy for him and I found a few good scrapbooking finds for myself for just a dollar too! Gotta love that! The things he says constantly amuse me these days, s it's always fun to go somewhere a little different because you're bound to get all kinds of good conversation out of him!

It was off home after that and we had some lunch and Kyle went down for a nap. I got to spend some time with Nathan alone and then he had about a 45 minute nap too. While he napped, I managed to go through a whole bunch of old papers - something that I've been meaning to do for ages. All in all, it was a very good day and it's not even over! Much better than it started for sure!



BonnieRose said...

Glad you're feeling better.. don't you love finding treasures at the dollar store????

Michelle W. said...

you know what, I never go to those dollar store anymore. Because I never only spend a dollar! lol. I seem to spend lots of money everytime because everything looks so cool.

Showers are lifesavers. I can't be going to bed at 4 and wake up by 9-10 and still be alive without it. lol. That and coffee helps too.