Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Catching up...

Let's see...where to start? I know it hasn't been that long since I blogged, but it feels like it for some reason! Guess we had a busy weekend and maybe that's why.

Friday was our anniversary, but before we had a night out, the kids and I had a busy day! Mum came early and we got ourselves all packed up and headed off to the local Children's Festival. We were glad we went early because it was a hot day! Laurel and Alexander and Claude and Even came to pick up Kyle in the van since I can't get all three kids in the car. After getting there, we found out where the preschool area was and the kids played in there for ages. There were things to climb, bounce and play on as well as a sandbox. There was a kite making station too, so I helped Kyle do that while mum watched the little ones. It was great to have her there and it meant I could do a few more things with Kyle too.

We decided we needed something to eat and a drink, so we went and found all the food stands. Mum and I had the obligatory mini doughnuts and a drink. Kyle, of course, didn't want any! hee hee I'd brought snacks/drinks for Nathan and Sophia too thankfully, but Nathan wanted doughnuts as well. I also got kyle a piece of pizza since he was going to be there a while. Mum, the little ones and I packed it in around 10:30 since they needed a nap and Kyle stayed with Laurel. They saw a concert after we left and Kyle ended up on stage dancing! They also went and ran around in the water park for a while too, so Kyle was more than happy!

Of course, on Friday night, George and I had an evening out to ourselves. We were lucky enough to have mum here to watch the kids, so we went to Anducci's for dinner. It's great Italian food if you've never been. The portions are ridiculously huge, so we decided to order a salad first and share a pasta. We also had some garlic bread and even between the two of us, we didn't quite finish everything! We popped over to the mall across the street too because we needed a wedding gift for Saturday and it was nice to walk around holding hands and be able to do things at our pace without having to answer a million questions or deal with Nathan trying to squirm out of the stroller. It was nice just to spend some time together and we need to do it more often!

This is the card I made for George as an anniversary card:

Saturday was a fairly relaxing day and we really didn't get up to too much. I scrapped a bit and Kyle and George washed the car and did some weeding. We tried to get Kyle to nap since he was going to be up late, but no go! We'd been invited to an Indian wedding and though the invitation said 6pm for the reception, we were told to come about 7pm, so we did! Well, it was a reception for about 400 people and there was hardly anyone there when we got there. The hall was stunning though complete with an ice sculpture and the whole bit.

We found a table and eventually saw some other people we knew. A lot of people showed up between 7:30 and 8 and by about 8pm, they put out appetizers! The food was fantastic though some people at our table found it really spicy. Some had never had Indian food either and were asking lots of questions. The couple showed up about 8:30 maybe and they cut the cake, there was a dance performance and a slide show and then the first dance. While that was all happening, there were plates of "finger food" coming around to the tables - all of it amazing. By about 9:30-9:45, Kyle was getting really tired and they were still doing some dancing. It was going to be a while until dinner, so we ended up going and picking up Nathan at Tracy's. As it was, by the time we got home, it was almost 10:30 - a late, but fun night for Kyle!

Sunday was a relaxing day for the most part. Did a little grocery shopping and went for a drive out to the store I work at (so I could pick up a couple of things), but not too much going on!
I did manage to get some scrapping done in the last little bit and these are a couple I did. The first was for a challenge at Scrapperie to use a TV show name as a title for a layout and this idea immediately came to me as something I'd been thinking about scrapping for a while and hadn't. It's a layout about mum and how thankful I am that she's an amazing cancer survivor along with being everything else that she is.

This one is for the One Little Word Challenge that was inspired by the Ali Edwards blog challenge at the beginning of the year. Had fun with this one and got to use a blurry picture of Nathan. It's all about how he seems to be in a perpetual state of motion these days and doesn't like to stop!

Well, better run for now, but hope everyone is having a great week!




Kristin said...

colleen it was so good to read all about your fun weekend and how you all celebrated your anniversary! The festival sounds like SO MUCH FUN too, and man i would LOVE to see an indian wedding - how beautiful! Thanks for sharing the card and layouts too. THe survivor one really touched me. HUGS!

Joƫlle said...

Anducci's, lucky you! What a great way to celebrate. Anducci's was Michelle's favourite spot the year she lived in Vancouver with my parents. I remember she and I heading out to Burnaby for lunch there - what an adventure for two Prairie girls! ;)

Loved the layouts. The blur - makes me think of Jacques, too! ;)

Have a wonderful day!

Christina said...

Happy Anniversary! I really love that card and your layouts! Amazing girl!

jillconyers said...

Love your GO layout! And the Anniversary card too!