Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Thursday morning...

Well, it's another rainy morning here. Not sure what the forecast is for today, but the last I heard, it wasn't very good. It doesn't really matter in the sense that we don't have much planned other than maybe a walk or a trip to the park if it clears up a bit. Might be a "jammies day" if things don't improve out there!

Well, I worked last night after having the kids all day. It's funny, but I don't ever really feel tired until I get home. I guess because they're such different types of jobs, that when I go to the store, it actually can be a great feeling for me. It was really busy last night too with the 40% off cardstock that's going on right now. I probably spent an hour helping two women that were friends that were looking for different colours of paper! I work again tonight too, so I hope it's the same. Makes for a quick night!

Kyle had a great day yesterday because they had a field trip for preschool. They told the kids about this a couple of weeks ago and he's been asking ever since! They went to the fire hall and apparently it was a great success. Some of them got in one of the trucks though Kyle passed on that. They showed the kids what the fireman looked like all dressed in his gear with a mask and everything. They spent a bit of time talking about fires and what to do and watched a little movie. Kyle LOVED it! The funny thing is that after all that, George set off the fire alarm with the toaster last night, so Kyle and I had a talk about that this morning and why we have it!

I managed to get another layout done for the team challenge at Scrapperie. I'm also hoping to find someone to fill in for me while I'm gone so that my partner doesn't suffer from me being away on vacation for a bit! Have to see what I can do! Any takers for a scrap proxy?? hee hee

This is the layout I did and the only requirement was that it had to have 5 pictures. I had a couple more pages to scrap of our Canada Day last year, but here's one anyway!

Well, better go get a couple more things done and grab my coffee since it's done now before Nathan wakes up and Sophia gets here. Kyle's busy having his breakfast!

Gotta run, but have a great day!


Kristin said...

love the layout colleen! :)

toners said...

Have a fabulous day; did it end up being a jammies day? I love those :)

Michelle said...

I love the that one of the Crate Papers?

Love it either way. Thanks for sharing.


Renee said...

What a great layout.