Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A New Day...

I never realized how important the half hour from 6:30-7am was until yesterday! I get up at 6am when George leaves for work and Kyle is generally up about that time too (much to my dismay and not for lack of trying other things to get him to sleep in!). I get him breakfast and then have my shower and start getting myself ready and make a cup of coffee. In that precious half hour before Nathan gets up and Sophia gets here, I generally sit in front of the computer and have my coffee and putter. I guess this is also my way of getting ready for the day too though because Sophia was here early yesterday and changed my routine.

Apparently, Sophia was not cooperating and was making it hard for Brian to get ready. Tracy had a meeting downtown to go to and had time to drop Sophia off, so I got a 6:30 phone call about doing that and 5 minutes later, they were here. Well, I'm afraid Sophia was about the same here and was for the rest of the day! I think she's teething and just isn't herself, but in all of that, I really missed my half hour to get ready for the day. That teething made for a long day though. Missing that time yesterday made me appreciate it all that much more this morning even though Kyle's been singing since he got up!!

I had a wonderful mail day though! I got a note that there was a package for the the day before, so after we'd had lunch, I packed up the kids and we headed off to the post office. I was so excited to see that it was a box of scrapbooking stuff that I'd won from Toni over at 2Peas on one of the challenge threads. Thanks Toni - I love all of it! So much fun stuff with stamps, chipboard, ribbon, etc! Can't wait to use it!

I also did some more scrapping last night for the challenge over at Scrapperie. The challenge was to do a layout with 1 circle, 1 square, 1 rectangle and 1 star. It was really fun! Here's mine:

This was the Challenge at 2Peas: Write about your whys/why nots for commenting on other ppl's blogs. Why do you leave comments? Why do you read something and choose not to leave a comment? Why do you comment on some blogs, and not on others?

I generally do try and leave comments on people's blogs if I'm taking the time to look. If there's really nothing I can relate to then I might not, but I'll even then post something like "Sounds like a a busy day" or something like that. I like getting comments on mine and it doesn't take that long if I'm looking anyway. If I have time to look, I figure I have time to comment.

Well, better run for now and do a couple more things before my day really begins here. Kyle's going to preschool today and they're off to the fire hall, so he's been excited for a week! Too bad it's raining though for our walk!

Have a great one!


j said...

Colleen, what an adorable layout! I love the pictures and the materials you chose are just perfect. :-) BTW, thanks for your comment on my blog! I use Picasa to make the photo collages. It's a free Google download that organizes your photos. I love Picasa! Janet

Maureen said...

Love the colorful layout! Hope the rain lets up; we have had way too much of it here... something we're definitely not used to! Take care,

Shell said...

love the layout! I know what you mean about that precious alone time. I get up before everyone - and that is when I check my email, check my fave blogs and savour my coffee - if I miss that hour - the rest of my day never goes to plan!! *LOL*

Lynn said...

I know exactly what you mean about that 1/2 hour! It is important to have it all to yourself. I look forward to my quite time also each day. Gets me started with my day. I just love your layout! Great use of the square,rectangle,circle and star!

amy said...

Well, I suppose I should comment since I check your blog daily for updates. I "know" you from 2peas where I'm lrumom. I LOVE the LO you posted today on your blog. I might just have to lift it!!!

Lara said...

Well thanks for stopping by my blogs and for the comments!

Love that layout, it is adorable! Great use of the shapes!

I need to actually start getting up before the kids and use that time for me. Haven't been doing that lately, and it makes life much harder. :)

Noelia said...

I know what you mean about having that little time to yourself, how it recharges you for the day ahead. Sorry you didn't get that half hour you needed, you should make a LO about it :)
Your LO is lovely!

Jill said...

Very cute layout! It is hard to lose that "down time"!

toners said...

The layout is so fresh! I cherish my alone time also - however short it may be :)