Saturday, June 14, 2008

A day at work...

Well, I'm afraid there's not all that much to report today since I spent the day at work. George actually took me to work so that he could have the car because the park he's been working on for the last week or so formally opened today. They had a community get-together and it sounded like there was quite a bit going on.

Of course, Kyle and George are telling me all the fun things they did when they came to pick me up. I find out that Nathan was sitting in a fire truck! Now, you'll notice I don't have any pictures posted and that would be because George didn't take the camera!! Ahhhhh... Oh well, another time. They certainly sounded like they had fun anyway.

We stopped on the way home to get some groceries for our Father's Day breakfast. We're making breakfast at home so that we can do it leisurely and not have to stand in line. Daddy will, of course, get to sleep in though first!

Well, guess I'll head to bed here since there's nothing more exciting I can tell you got the time being!


teresamatz said...

men, they alway forget to take pictures

ALLY said...

Too bad your DH forgot the camera! Sounded like a fun day!