Wednesday, June 04, 2008

An Un-Birthday!

OK, so this was our class at preschool on Monday and a fun one it was. I wrote earlier about all the running around we did that day and how the kids even had late morning naps (thankfully!). Because it was the last day and especially because we were celebrating Kyle's birthday, Nathan and I stayed for class as well. Nathan was so excited about being able to stay for once.

Kyle got to pick the treat he wanted me to take for snack and he didn't pick cupcakes or cookies! Nope! He was very sure of what he wanted - POPSICLES! And the best part was that the kids had been running around and it was a great treat for them. The best part was that Kyle was happy!

Kyle's birthday isn't until almost the end of the month, but because there won't be any school then, we got to celebrate early and he was the only kid with a summer birthday! They sing Happy Birthday and then let them put their felt cupcake together with all the parts they like. He seemed to really enjoy it! The first picture is afterwards and, of course, when I asked him to smile, I got a funny face! Oh to be almost 5!

Let's see, not too much else going on here right now. Mum and dad were out to visit this morning, so I could make a quick trip up to the dr. for a pain I'd been having for a few days. Dr. said nothing serious and to take some Advil, Vitamin E and lower the caffeine Photobucket for a week or so and see if that does the trick! It was great to see mum and dad too though since it's been a little while.

I'm going for a massage tonight thankfully. I've had bad headaches for the last couple of weeks because of my neck, so I'm hoping I'll feel better afterwards! I have some fun scrappy news, but I'll get to that another time...



Anonymous said...

LOWER THE CAFFEINE???!!!! Good grief, good luck with that. Hope the pain goes away and that it's nothing serious.


PS: Happy Un-Birthday, Kyle!

Megan A. said...

have a great massage! I hope it helps. what a tease you are about the scrappy news!

Megan A. said...

have a great massage! I hope it helps. what a tease you are about the scrappy news!

Janet said...

Ah...what a great day for Kyle! I hope you enjoy your massage...I'm soo jealous!!! LOL!!

teresamatz said...

hehe, love the popcicle with the candle pic!!!!

rajah1116 said...

Feel better soon! I hope you are not a grumpy caffeine withdrawl girl!

Jens Place in Space said...

I would be a mess if I had to lower my caffeine I should though! HOpe your feeling better!

~ Jayme ~ said...

ugh, leave us hanging with scrappy news. Darn you! lol ;) Can't wait to hear about it.

Looks like Kyle had a wonderful day... :)

My mom bought me an $80 facial and the beauty shop for mothers day, I can't wait to have that done. Her and my aunt said it was to die for. But I'd love to get a message with it. Maybe if I'm a good girl, my sweet hubby will buy that for me. :) enjoy the massage.