Saturday, May 02, 2009

Go Canucks Go!

OK, so maybe it wasn't their best game, but don't go getting off the bandwagon just yet people! It's their first loss of the playoffs after all and one game does not make a series, so get those towels out and start cheering now for Tuesday!

As for as the rest of the day, I slept in a bit and then George went to work for a couple of hours while I hung out with the boys. We then all went to the bank to see about redoing our mortgage since the interest rate's fallen some since we did ours. We might, but we're holding off a little to see how things go. Stopped at Fujiya on the way home to pick up some stuff to make okonomiyaki though not for tonight. It's a Japanese dish I got addicted to while I was living in Osaka!

Grabbed pizza on the way home and then watched the game and worked on some scrapping related stuff. That's about it really! I did go out and get a coffee tonight at Starbucks since I needed more coffee beans for the morning too. Need to get my day started right after all! Work again tomorrow and then we're into another week already...

Have a great Sunday!

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