Friday, May 01, 2009

Wow! May Already!

OK, so not sure at all what happened to April, but I seem to say that at the beginning of every month lately. It was a busy one around here with

- lots of work (including our annual Scrapbook Spectacular)
- classes to teach
- Sophia's (my niece's) birthday
- a couple of Easter dinners
- our niece's, Brianna, first communion
- A field trip for Kyle
- George taking an exam for the International Arborist's Association (I think that's the right name!)
- Tracy's (my sister's) birthday
- my grandma's fall, broken hip and partial hip replacement which thankfully went well
- a visit for all of us to see my other grandma
- the sun finally decided it was time to show up again at the end of the month! Yeah!

I think that about sums things up rather quickly! I'm hoping to go back to my daily blogging as well since it seems to be all or nothing for me, so this will hopefully be the first of many this month!

1 comment:

Jess said...

I know can you believe that it's May?! Soon it will be Summer - time needs to slow down. :)