Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Day in the Life...

OK, so the idea for this came from the 12 of 12 blog where you'd take 12 pictures on the 12th of each month and you'd have a picture of what your life was like!  I took some pictures today though certainly not of everything that happened.  What I did notice is that I have 2 pictures of coffee and 1 of tea!  Wondering what this says about me...  hee hee

The top picture was how I started my day - with those 2 darling little faces!  And the crazy thing is that my little man will be 4 tomorrow!  How did that happen?!  In the blink of an eye for sure.  Makes me all the more thankful that I'm able to stay at home with them (even on those not so fabulous days) and also thankful that I scrapbook and blog. 

So, my day went as follows...
 - up a little after 7
 - breakfast for the boys and coffee for me
 - some time on the computer
 - lost track of time, so a quick change of clothes for us!
 - made Kyle lunch
 - Kyle read me his alphabet book from school
 - walked Kyle to school though it thankfully stopped raining
 - had a nice chat with Allison and Matria after dropping the kids off
 - walk home and then a hot chocolate for Nathan
 - Brian dropped off Matthew and Sophia since they took their Nanny to the airport this morning
 - kids played and I laid poor sick little Matthew down for a nap though it only lasted about 30-45 minutes
 - I did some cleaning up and more purging (lots of that happening lately!)

- got an awesome bit of happy mail from a friend today for my headaches!
 - Matthew had a early lunch
 - Nathan and Sophia had lunch and then played
 - laid Matthew down again
 - I got a few more things done both on the computer and cleaning wise!  Happy about that!
 - Maria was nice enough to drop Kyle off so that Matthew could sleep longer, but that didn't happen anyway!
 - we hung out and played until Brian came and got the kids
 - George got home
 - dinner was spaghetti and salad
 - I did a great job of keeping track of my food today (have lost 7lbs)
 - went out with Kyle to get one more present for Nathan (another Wii controller and nunchuk so there's less waiting and fighting!) and the blueberry muffins he wanted for his snack for preschool tomorrow!
 - stopped and got a Decaf Grande Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte tonight on the way back..  Yummo!

... and here I am!  The boys are playing a little Wii Lego Star Wars (we rented this one though think we'll be buying it!) before bed and I'm enjoying my Starbucks while doing this.  Need to wrap Nathan's presents tonight and I'm almost done prepping for my class tomorrow night, but need to finish it off.  Yes, I unfortunately wasn't thinking when I was asked about my January schedule a couple of months ago, so I'm working the night of Nathan's birthday!  At least I get to spend the day with him at preschool and maybe we'll go for lunch or something.  My parents will also be here for a while in the morning and George's parents will be here in the evening and they're bringing homemade pizza and cake!  All good!  We'll be having a party with some kids coming up here soon as well.

OK, guess that's about it for this evening, but another one of those days to be thankful for where I am...

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Suzanne said...

Cute pic! Happy birthday to the littlest cutie patootie. :-) Off to check out the 12 of 12 blog, sounds interesting!