Monday, January 04, 2010

A Little Creativity...

I got a few minutes to play today and decided I'd try the card challenge for this month at Challenge Masters.  I got out my embossing powder and glitter for this one along with some stash!  The card needed to have something stamped, some bling, inking and an embellishment of our choice.

It was a relatively laid back day again to be honest, but it's back to the kid craziness tomorrow with my niece and nephew back again too!  The kids have all really missed each other to be honest.  Nathan and Sophia gave each other a huge hug at preschool when they saw each other and Kyle has been asking everyday if they're coming today.

George walked Kyle up to school in the rain, so I caught a break there!  Then it was my turn and I took Nathan up to preschool and headed off to my massage appt.  Feel much better again for doing that and have my appt again for next month.  Tracy dropped Nathan off from school just as George left for the chiropractor.  We had lunch and then I ran errands after George got home.  Relaxed a little this afternoon while George took Nathan for the walk up to the school to get Kyle and then it was dinner and here I am! 

George has just run up to get some groceries and the boys wanted to go with him, so he took them.  I have a few minutes of quiet to sit and type this and then it's off to clean up the living room and sweep before Matthew is here tomorrow inspecting the floor!

I had to admit to my guilty pleasure too since that's what I'll be doing tonight!  I'm a bit of a reality TV junkie and The Bachelor is starting again tonight with Jake from the last Bachelorette.  I quite liked him, so we'll see what this one brings for him!

Better go clean up the living room while things are quiet around here!


Lesley said...

Very pretty card, I love the heart!

Janet said...

Oh Colleen! I really LOVE this card!!! Awesome.

I will be enjoying my guilty pleasure tonight...the biggest loser! I think we all have at least one!