Friday, January 01, 2010

Welcome 2010!!

And what a great start to the year it's been too!  I'll first start with last night though since that was a lot of fun too.  George only got off an hour early, so I ran out to do a couple of errands quickly when he got home.  After doing those, I stopped at Tim's to get a coffee when I noticed it was still open.  Right beside that was the Rogers we usually rent movies from, so I decided to pop in to see if there was anything I thought George and I could watch together after the kids went to bed.  Well, I hit the jackpot!

I was looking for Mario Kart or The Star Wars Lego, but both were out.  I happened to spy the Cars one though and figured that would be a hit and was it ever!  Good thing I rented it for a week and we might even have to go out and look at buying this one!

My other winner was Wolverine that neither of us had seen.  I knew at least it had Hugh Jackman in it even if it wasn't great!!  I was surprised that I actually enjoyed it though.

As well as that, we did a cheese fondue for dinner with all kinds of goodies - bread, cauliflower, broccoli, chips.  George also did chicken wings of course.  Had to have a little meat in there.  The kids thought is was a lot of fun and we had a good time sitting around in the living room eating.

George also pulled out another treat for dessert - chocolate fondue with apples and bananas for dipping!  Talk about winning over a 6 and 3 year old!  The boys went to bed about 9 and both in Kyle's room since they like sharing a room now, but we finally seperated them about 10ish when they still weren't asleep!

George and I popped in the movie after the boys went to bed and literally, as soon as we turned it off, we heard fireworks!  We knew it was midnight!  We had our New Year's kiss and pretty much called it a night - such party animals I know!

Now, the best part of today I think was that as a result of the boys being up later last night, I woke up at 8 this morning and the house was QUIET!  No one was awake though Kyle was up shortly after.  George got up with the boys and I slept for another 2 hours making my first sleep of 2010 about 10 hours!  Gotta love that!  Welcome 2010!

After I got up, George went back to bed believe it or not!  He slept and the boys played with the Cars Wii game again.  After everyone was actually up for the day, we went to McDonalds (after lunch) to the play area to get them out of the house on this rainy day and wear them out a bit.  George and I had a coffee and a quite enjoyable chat!

We then actually stopped and did a little shopping and I got a paper shredder for a good deal and we got a couple of storage containers for toys (Lego) for under the boys' beds.  Can't wait to organize that!  I have already managed to shred about a half a garbage bag worth!  Small things make me happy!

And these are my boys at bathtime tonight!  They were so funny trying to make bubble beards with practically no bubbled left in the tub!  A fun end to a great start to the new year! 

I feel like I have so much more to blog about here like some the changes I'm hoping to make, a recap of last year, a little about my word of the year, and so on, but it'll have to wait for another day! 

Happy 2010!

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