Friday, January 08, 2010

A New Team at Scrapperie!

There's a new team at Scrapperie and there are actually seven different teams - one for each day of the week... so you know what that means, right? A challenge for each and every day of the week and tons and tons of wonderful inspiration to choose from and jumpstart your creativity.

Without further ado, here are your 2010 Très Chic Girls:

The Layout Sketch Team
•Amy Teets (AmyTeets), Team Leader
•Angie Gutshall (my3blessings)
•Jlyne Hanback (Jlyne)
•Kory Anne Dordea (Mama2Ainslie)
•Rebecca Kvenvolden (mamakven)
•Taryn Stothart (taryngirl)
•Teresa Matz (teresamatz)
•Tonya Boone (tontaboo)

Techniques Team
•Amy Wilges (wilgeshouse)
•Rita Barakat (rbaraket)

Scraplift Team
•Shannon Morgan (paddymack), Team Leader
•Andi Dickson (randomscraps)
Colleen Heidrich (GenkiCOL)
•Heather Lough (hlough)
•Nura Keif (Nura Keif)
•Pat Bishop (scrappinvt)

Use Your Stash Team
•Michele Brooks (Michele), Team Leader
•Alexandra Sirugue-MacLeod (alexandra s.m.)
•Annette Graham (jazzgodezz)
•Anita Mulcahey (stamphappy6805)
•Julie Kelley (JulieK)
•Kim Tupponce (Kim T)
•Mandy Koeppen (mandyk)
•Stephanie Ackerman (happyscraps)

Color Team
•Stacey Hansen (cupcakemomcolorado), Team Leader
•Jayme Downs (scrapper_jayme)
•Leah Crowe (Leah C)
•Lyla New (junqueandroses)
•Megan Aaron (megamay)

Freestyle Team
•Amy Bender (Amy Bender), Team Leader
•Andrea Tuttle (andrea21)
•Cindy Buchanan (cindy10)
•Jackie Laing (Jackie)
•Leena Loh (findingnana)
•Shannon Blinn (1scrappymom)
•Suzanne Blickenstaff (Suzanne)
•Vicki Finchum (txscrapaddict)

Book of Me Team
•Susan Alton (ladymisssusan), Team Leader
•Andrea Ancich (scrappinandrea)
•Christi Wright (Christi W)
•Michelle Christian-Chasteen (Mchris1024)
•Sue Mylde (missusem)

Congrats to everyone and come and check out all the new challenges starting on the 18th!


Stephanie Joanna said...

Congrats on being on the team Colleen! Off to check out the site ...

Debbi Tehrani said...

Congratulations, Colleen! You are tres chic, indeed!