Sunday, April 18, 2010

More Cards and a Kid Video!

OK, so I managed to play with a couple more of the challenges at Scrapdango for their online crop.  The challenge this time was to make a feminine and masculine birthday card and I can always use a stash of these.  The feminine had to have at least 3 flowers (one of them could be floral paper) and the masculine card needed to have blue and green.  The masculine one is a design I often play with when I want a quick card!

OK and here's a little something that Kyle has been working on at school.  There is going to be a public speaking competition at school and they're memorizing a poem to do for that!  The Grade 1 and 2 classes will be presenting for their class rather than the school, but the couple of kids that do the best will also go to the gym to present.  I'm really proud of him for memorizing it and you can tell he's pretty happy about it too.  (*** Please excuse the raspy voice as I'm still getting over this bug and my voice hasn't recovered yet!)

If you can't see it here for any reason, try HERE!

PS Uncle Scott - he wanted to make sure that you inparticular got to see this!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and here's to a great week!


theelfqueen said...

Fantastic Recitation! And totally cute cards, too!

Joëlle said...

Good luck, today, Kyle!