Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Survived the Weekend!

Yes, this past weekend was Scrapathon weekend for the store and I survived even with my voice intact!  I worked in the store Fri night until midnight and then went over to the hotel where the weekend scrapping event was being held. Helped out there for a bit, set up for my first class in the morning and then went to bed.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get to sleep and only ended up with about 3 hours of sleep that night before my class. Got up for breakfast and headed off to make sure I was set up before my first 9am class. The classes were an hour and I had 15 minutes between them. There were between 43 and 49 people per class for a total of 225 people! It was sooo much fun! I had 3 classes and then a lunch break and then my last 2 classes.  I was done by 4pm...

Sat night was games and fun! I pretended to scrap, but not much got accomplished. Did more chatting instead! Went to bed about 2am and had to be up for about 7 to work in the store.

Sunday was 8:45 to 6:30 in the store (longer day than normal because we opened early so people could shop in the morning before things got started). It was crazy most of the day in the store, so the day went really quickly! Rushed off home to see my boys and watch my Canucks wrap up their series! A great weekend and think I've finally recovered!

I'll try and post the cards for my class later!  Might get some pictures too though I didn't end up taking any.  Hope you all had a great weekend!  I sure did, but also glad it's only once a year!

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Carly said...

So glad your weekend event was a success!! I'd love to make the trek up there and take part sometime! :) Loving your work- the cards are ALWAYS gorgeous!