Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fireworks and Fun!

Wow, so here we are at July 21st already!  The summer is whizzing by and I feel like it just started.  Hard to believe it only another few weeks and we'll be thinking about school supplies again!

We did get out to the Fraser Fest fireworks this past weekend...  The boys were really excited about going as we've gone the past few years.  We used to have this great spot all picked out to watch them, but when we were there last year, we were quite disappointed as we could barely see anything because they had moved the location of the barge they shoot the fireworks from. 

George got out the Google Earth maps and figured out where he thought would be a good place to check them out.  We couldn't get as close to the river as we wanted for safety reasons, but one of the women working on them told us that a little park nearby would be a good place to see them from.  It was perfect because the kids played until the fireworks!  OK, so we all did!  Then, George has packed popcorn and iced tea, so we had snacks and watched the the fireworks - a fun family night!

Yes, Kyle's now at this age where he has a love hate relationship with me taking pictures all the time!  He sometimes asks me to take his picture and then other times, I get "the look"!  He's so very funny these days...

I'm afraid I didn't get the best pictures or very many since my battery was dying and I had forgotten the tripod!  Oh well, it was more the memory of us being there and spending time together that was important!

Looking forward to many more of these...  Love my boys!


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Alexis said...

Awe, too cute! Looks like you had a great night. And made lots of good memories! So fun!