Thursday, July 29, 2010

A First?

OK, so I do have a bit of a paper addiction when it comes to my scrappy stuff - just ask my family!  And lately, I've been so busy with class stuff that I haven't done much of my own.  So, today I decided I wanted to play a little and there on my table was some of the new Imaginisce Birthday Bash line that I just got.  I was very good and only got a few sheets even though I LOVE it!

So, the "first" is that before putting it away, I actualy played with something new that I got!  This is also the first time I've used the punch and love that too!  The best part of this is that the red and white cardstock I used for this were also scraps!  How did it all come together and so quickly you ask?  I have resources!  lol 

I was poking around the Imaginisce blog and found a card by Kim Holmes and simply lifted it.  As I tell people in class, sometimes when you don't have a lot of time and simply want to play, don't worry about reinventing the wheel!  It came together quickly and I have everything out to make one more like this as well!  Might as well make 2 if I have everything out!

Now, on a completely different note...  The kids decided today that they were going to get busy and when I went in the living room, I was welcomed to "the rainforest"!  Who knew you could have a rainforest in your living room?!  Amazing where their minds go!

And here's just a little something from a couple of days ago that I thought I'd post since there aren't enough of these pictures of the boys and I!  I really don't like seeing myself in pictures, but I do know that they don't really care how I look and that as they get older, they're going to want these pictures.  I'm lucky enough to have them, so I just need to suck it up and get out from behind the camera sometimes as well!  They're getting so big...  Where does the time go?

Have a wonderful Thursday evening!  I'll be hanging out with my boys and then watching a little guilty pleasure that they call Big Brother!  If you're watching, who's your fav?



Janet said...

Gorgeous card! Lift away I say!!

I think you look great with your boys!!!!! And I'm sure they do too!

Nikki Scott said...

I think you're so cute Colleen. The love you have for your boys shines through in the pics! But, I know how you's very far & few that I am the one in the photos. I would love to come to one of your classes where do you teach and when??

Alexis said...

cute card!! Love it!! (too funny, I just bought the exact same punch the other day too!!) great minds think alike!! bb - my fave is the show-mance. what can i say- I'm a sucker for a hot guy!! ;)

Heather said...

LOVE that card! What cute paper! Adorable pictures too!