Monday, July 09, 2007

Catching up...again!

Well, I can't say I've been very good about updating my blog of late! We were, of course, away for our trip at the end of last month and I do have some pics to post.

I haven't been doing any scrapping, so I have nothing to post there! Just can't seem to get back into it since we got back. The last week or so has been warmer and I find I'm not as likely to do it in the evening if it's warm. I do need to just jump back in and get started though! I've been doing a fun photography challenge at Scrapperie though and having fun with that. Think I'm going to do a mini album at some point with the pictures.

I haven't been watching much TV though I'm watching 2 reality shows right now. I admit to watching Hell's Kitchen. Gordon Ramsey just makes me laugh. I'm not saying I'd go on that show if you paid me, but I figure the people that sign up for it now know what they're in for! I'm also watching Big Brother which started last week and it'll be on for the summer! I got hooked on this the very first season and have watched it since. The only thing is that I'm not working downtown anymore, so I can't pop into the little restaurant across the street from the school called "The Dish" to see Andrew (the owner I believe) and have him give me the scoop on the online feed!! It's a fun summer thing anyway!

I've also picked up a book again! I'm reading a nice light summer book called "Anybody Out There?" by Marian Keyes. Got it out of the library after some of the girls at Scrapperie were reading it as the book of the month and it's written in a very cool way with a lot of time changes. It's really good to be reading again and I'd like to keep it up!

Well, think I hear Nathan, so I'd better run!


Noelia said...

Photography challenges are great! Happy summer reading and hopefuly you'll get a chance to scrap in the near future...I did!

It's Not Easy Being Green said...

I am watching the same two shows! I didn't watch Hells Kitchen last season but somehow got sucked in this time! I have watched all the Big Brothers. I love it!