Sunday, July 29, 2007

It seems like forever since I blogged, but it's really only been a few days. The reality is that it's been a busy few days though! I worked at Precious Memories on Thursday evening for my regular 4 hours, but then it was back Friday night until midnight. There has been a 40% off sale on anything regular price that started Friday, so it's been busy too. I worked all day yesterday and I'm going back again today for a full day! No rest for the wicked!

I have managed to get a little scrapping in here and there in the meantime though, so here are my latest creations...

A couple of these are for the new smaller (8X8) album that I've started about random childhood memories thanks to an online friend (Debbi) who is an amazing scrapbooker! Also managed to get some more recent pictures scrapped, so it's been a good week!

Let's see, what else is new? Not a whole lot! I'm feeling a little exhasted with all the work at the store after looking after Sophia all week too, so I think I'm going to have to make a couple of early nights and get some good sleep this week so I can do it again next week! We've got people on holidays at the store, so I'm getting some extra hours. I really don't mind, but I just need to remember not to stay up too late which I have a tendency to do! I get my second wind about 9:30pm and then I want to stay up!

The 2Peas Blogger Question today was this:
Make a list of your top ten things on your mind right now.
At the time you blog.
Date it.... mark down the time.. and just number 1-10 and write the first 10 things that come to mind.. no censoring..

1. Library books were due yesterday.
2. My foot hurts - need to see doctor?
3. Want to scrap rather than going to work.
4. Need to make an appt at the massage therapist.
5. The theme music to Big Comfy Couch is really annoying.
6. I wish I were still sleeping.
7. Might need another cup of coffee this morning!
8. Need to do grocery shopping/cleaning sometime today
9. Big Brother is on tonight.
10. Need to send a few thank you cards.

This would be a fun thing to do once a month for a year just to see what changes and what stays the same! I know the cleaning/groceries won't change!!


BonnieRose said...

I loved your list! Hugs

jp said...

Colleen, those layouts are beautiful! What a great idea for an album, too. I haven't done anything with my own childhood, but scrapping it in sort of a "random memory" fashion seems much more doable to me! Thanks for sharing your wonderful pages! Janet

Kristin said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the layouts colleen!!

Lynn said...

Colleen you did an awesome job on the layouts. They are wonderful. I have not done any scrapbooking in about 7 weeks now, just have to get down there someday I guess.
Your list does have some of the same things as mine.... like another cup of coffee and cleaning. I should tell you.. I did clean this morning and btw... still sweating like crazy!
Thanks for sharing your list. It was great.

mum on the run said...

Great LO's. love the journalling on the second ome :)

Theresa said...

Get that foot checkout Colleen (said the one that didn't).

Rachael said...

Your layouts are beautiful!! The first one is particularly eye catching!!

toners said...

Fun list! I will have to try that challenge :) Your layouts are gorgeous; I really like the patterned paper on the solid background - it's a great way to mix the patterns without overwhelming the layout (can u tell I've been reading my Ali Edwards book? LOL).