Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rainy Day Dance Party!

OK, so the weather week really hasn't been very nice and this is in stark contrast to the mid 30s weather we has last week when we had every fan in the house on and every window and door open! The rain has been fairly constant all week and yesterday was no exception. I thought about taking George to work so that I could have the car, but then I worked last night and it would've meant going and getting him at the end of the day and then dropping the 3 of them off here and heading right on out to work. That just seemed like too much!

The boys really do need to burn off some energy during the day, so we sort of play tag in the house or hide and seek or whatever will do the trick. Yesterday, I happened to be checking out some blogs and came across Samm Livett's and Kyle was suddenly dancing away to the music on her blog. Well! That was the beginning of a dance party that lasted pretty much the rest of the day on and off!!

Tracy came over with Sophia for a visit while we were dancing away and they joined the party as well! Kyle had to play a couple of his favourites for Tracy too - YMCA being first on that list!

This is Kyle doing his break dancing for me when I asked him to dance so that I could take his picture!
Nathan wouldn't sit still long enough without heading directly for the camera for me to get a picture of him dancing!
When George got home from work, Kyle immediately started telling him about the "music list" on my "scrapbooking website". He played YMCA right away for George and started singing what he thinks the words are and George said to me, "Sounds like you've been listening to this for a while!" My response was "Pretty much all day" and he just laughed. So, thanks Samm because we more than got our exercise and burned off our excess energy today thanks to your blog!

Today's Blog Challenge @ 2Peas ~ Are you the type of scrapper who likes to get idea books to help you scrap? If you don't what do you find to help you get ideas?

I do get idea books to help me though not as often as I used to because I use other scrappers and their online layouts as inspiration as well. My favourite idea book right now is Ali Edwards' A Designer's Eye for Patterned Paper.



Samm said...

These are just the cutest photos!!! thanks!!! made me smile!!!


Rachael said...

What cuties you have there!!

I have put myself on an idea book ban. I buy them, look at them and then they collect dust!

toners said...

Great fun photos :) I too love the AE book and am a self-confessed idea book collector!