Sunday, October 28, 2007

Another work day...

Yes, it's Sunday, but not your typical one in the sense that a person would have it off because I'm working at the store today! This is my 4th day in a row and I'll be honest is saying I'll be glad when I'm finished today since I think I'm also getting sick again (or the last cold that hasn't completely gone away is running into whatever I'm getting now with this sore throat).

I did manage to get this done this weekend. Just a fairly quick one done with my Scrapperie kit this month and the only thing extra were the American Crafts vinyl letters I think. I was so excited to try them and then was very disappointed - so much so that I e-mailed American Crafts that night to tell them. Most of the adhesive didn't even stick to the lettering and when I tried to move the letters on my page, what did stick to the letters then stuck to my page and made a mess. Anyway, I did have fun doing this layout and it's great to be able to scrap some pictures of mum and I. This was the third year we'd gone to this retreat, but we're not going this year (it would have been in a couple of weeks). Maybe we'll have to plan our own weekend scrap together with Tracy!

Well, guess I'd better go do a few other things today before I have to go to work. Wanna go spend some time with the boys (who are now playing "horsey" with Kyle being the horse!).

Have a fantastic day everyone!


Patter Cross said...

Great LO, and I pray you feel better soon!

Lynn said...

I hope work goes quickly for you today. I know how it feels somedays to wish for the day to be over with.

Love you lo with your mother. Great kit.

Hoping you start to feel better soon.