Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween from years gone by...

I just got this in a box of stuff that my grandma returned to us of pictures, letters and cards that Tracy and I have sent to her over the years. This was taken in 1982 at Wong's in Matsqui. Our neighbour used to work for the Mission paper, so I'm assuming that was how we ended up getting our picture taken for it. This just made me laugh! I think this was the last year I went trick or treating.

Today's 2Peas Blogger Challenge:
Are you the type of person who thinks you need to have journaling on every layout you create?

I would have to say that I always feel like my layout is missing something without the journaling. Telling the story is a big part of the reason I scrap and I want people to be able to look at my layouts years from now without me and know what's going on in the pictures and who everyone is. I also want my layouts to give people a little idea of what our life is like.

Not too much going on here really today. I'm doing duty at Kyle's preschool, so mum is coming to watch Nathan and that's really about it. I took George to work so I could have the car and when I pick him up, I think we might stop by a farm and get a pumpkin. Unfortunately, the one Kyle got at the pumpkin patch 2 weeks ago is going bad!!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!


Heather said...

What a great photo! And I love your little folder project from two posts ago. That is totally cute!

toners said...

awesome photo! what a great thing to have :) I also feel a layout is bare without journaling...just can't bring myself to leave it out - at the very least, the basics.

Allison said...

What a great photo!!! Love that your Grandma kept all those kinda things!!!

Have a great day!!!


Lynn said...

That is a great photo. Ahhh the memories. lol. I've kept all the papers that my kids have been in. Right into the scrapbook. I always make sure that I have the name of the paper and the date.

Darlene said...

the photo is great and so is the memory!

I, too, feel the need to journal so that the moment I just scrapped is not forgotten. I recently went back and read my journalling in a scrapbook I started when dh and I were dating. It made me feel so nostalgic and remember that I need to still notice the 'little things'

Tobi Crawford said...

hey colleen, you're tagged! (you don't have to do it if you don't want to, but it's kinda neat to think of 7 random things your readers may not know about you). copy and paste from my blog.

see you soon!

Rachael said...

What a fab picture to have!!

Aimeslee said...

Colleen, I just love that photo of you at Halloween. The way you scrapped it was awesome. The colors are great! Sure do miss you guys at DW, but I can't keep up my end of the praise so I had to quit. Haven't scrapped hardly since then either. Dang, if only we could send out praise to everyone like you can email (forgot what it's called, I'm so lame). TTFN, xoxo