Thursday, November 01, 2007

Fun Halloween night!

Yeah! A success all the way around! I was a little worried for a couple of reasons... we borrowed a costume from a friend for Nathan and it's a dinosaur one, but I wasn't sure he'd wear it since he wasn't too thrilled when we tried it on him. I actually took a fireman's hat with me just in case, but it was a go thankfully! He didn't wear the head part too much, but that's OK. I was also worried that Kyle would be too scared of some of the houses and decorations. He really doesn't like the spooky Halloween music either, but he did really well and there was really only one house where he didn't like one of the decorations that was a motion sensored thing that played music and bounced around. He didn't go to one house because of the music, but other than that, we did very well. (Not the best picture of the boys, but the only one I have until I get some more from mum or Tracy!)

Kyle was looking forward to going tonight, but he'd had a big day since he had a party at preschool today too. They didn't wear costumes, but made hats at school. They decorated by giving the kids rolls of streamers and letting the run it all over the place like a huge spider web - fun idea! Their snack was a cookie on a plate with some icing and sprinkles, so they could decorate their own cookie before they ate it. Then, they got to do a little trick or treating thing at school too.

Kyle and I ran out to the store so I could get my cheque while George was at home sick with the sleeping kids. Kyle even got a treat at the store! I managed to get back after mum had arrived at our place, especially since we picked up pizza on the way home. The pizza place was sure busy!

Got home for a quick bite and then we were off to Tracy's place to do our trick or treating. As I mentioned, mum came here for a quick visit and picked up Sophia to take her home. I know Tracy was worried that Sophia wouldn't wear her cute little Winnie the Pooh costume either, but she did and looked adorable, so we all did well. We got a little wet, but overall did very well! We went around Tracy's neighbour mostly to the people that she knew so they could see Fia as well.

Nathan was hilarious! He was right into it going up to the door and knocking and saying trick or treat (as best he can!). He wasn't having too much of the at part of his costume, but that was OK too. He still looked very cute! And he sure isn't afraid of anything though one older kid with a scary mask got in his face and growled and that did it! I gave that kid heck too!

At one point, I tried to take Nathan's little pumpkin bucket from him a couple of times to help him out and there was no way I was prying it out of his hands! You should have heard him howl when I took it away for him to go to bed!! I can only imagine what he'll be like next year!

I knew we wouldn't do too much with the little kids and Kyle's not old enough to want to do a ton yet. After finishing our trick or treating, we headed right home and didn't go in to Tracy and Brian's for fear we'd be there all night!

I knew George was looking forward to taking Kyle to the "Santa house" as he calls it (because of the fact that they decorate the house all up for Christmas and Santa is there on Christmas Eve). The two of them went over there for a quick stop and then came home. Apparently the man was nice enough to turn off the scary music that Kyle didn't like too.

A fun (though busy) day all around! Another Halloween come and gone already!
Christmas will be here before you know it...


Theresa said...

Glad everyone had a great time and Kyle wasn't too scared. Looks like the party was a success too. BTW, hope DH feels better soon and doesn't share his bug with everyone else.

Sharmaine said...

Hi Colleen, yep not long till Christmas!! Thanks for dropping by my blog and glad you did because now I can check yours out :)
have a lovely weekend

Darlene said...

They look so cute! The Halloween party at school looked like so much fun!

And please don't remind me that Christmas is right around the corner........... ;)

Lynn said...

wow. so glad everyone had fun. they are just tooo adorable.